PayPal User Agreement July 1, 2015 – CAUTION

If you are like us, we get inundated with robocalls just about 2-5 times per day on our business phone.  At one point I seriously considered using an automated phone attendant to answer the calls and let a real person hit the #1 button on their phone to talk to a real person.  This is of course the only way I know of that will keep us from being harassed by these robocalls.  If you don’t know what a “robocall” is, it’s a phone call generated by a robot with a voice recording from a real person.  These calls are often misleading and do not allow you to take your phone number off their list.

Unfortunately, PayPal has decided it wants to get in on this irritating marketing scheme by requiring all PayPal users to accept robocalls from them (and maybe their friends later on) in order to use PayPal.  This new agreement comes out July 1, 2015.  If you don’t think this is a big deal, wait until others follow suit and soon we’ll be getting robocalls from more and more vendors!

Fortunately, our senators are getting involved and asking PayPal to reconsider.  We’ll see what happens next but feel free to email PayPal and let them know your thoughts!

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Daniel Multop

IT/IS Specialist & Owner of Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc

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