1-800 Tech Scam

A new tech support scam is running rampant this year as computer users find themselves being advised to call a 1-800 number by a webpage that just won’t close. It is very important not to call this number. The popup can look legitimate with Windows Logos and detailed formatting but it is far from it.
The 1-800 number connects users to an “IT Technician” that tells them their computers are terribly infected or packed with junk files but not to worry because it can be cleaned up for a substantial amount of money.
This is a tech support scam.The person on the other end of the 1-800 number is not a technician and is not looking to help. From what we have found, it appears to primarily affect internet browsers, Google Chrome in particular. The window is very difficult to close but closing the browser from the Task Manager will close the program, and the pop-up with it.
The popup itself is essentially harmless, provided the 1-800 isn’t called, but it could be a sign of a more serious virus infection.
We recommend any computer showing this message be inspected by a legitimate tech support service as soon as possible.

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Nick Chambers

IT Assistant at Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc.