Our General Cyber Security Philosophy

Today I had an employee of a customer as me to “unblock” a website so they could purchase some snowboard equipment.  I found myself saying, “you know . . . personal computing really ought not be done on a business computer.”  In a nutshell, this is our “general cyber security philosophy”.  If you are an employee, who gets blocked from personal websites, you might simply ask, “what’s wrong with going to MSN or CNN on my own time?”  As we discussed earlier this month in our blogs about Malvertisement, there are more and more people clicking on the wrong links even on trustworthy websites.  Additionally, many people don’t know but Yahoo.com had their homepage hacked a little over a year ago in which people just going to yahoo.com were potentially infected with Malware.

It makes sense that blocking non-business related websites is a simple way to help reduce the potential of having a security incident.  For those who employee family or friends and have a lot of pressure to please, we recommend having an isolated wireless hot-spot that is not part of the office network in which employees or customers can access the internet on their handheld devices or by using an employee shared laptop just for personal surfing on their breaks.

To summarize, those of our customers who have a computer designated solely for business purposes have little to no issues on their computers.  Those who try to mix business with pleasure on their computer see our shop often.

We hope you learn from our posts.

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Daniel Multop

IT/IS Specialist & Owner of Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc

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