Kaspersky – An Anti-Virus Product or Potential Backdoor

I’d like to start off saying this is all opinion based on reason and probability.  We have enjoyed using Kaspersky for the past 5+ years and think the product in-of-itself is a great security product.

The facts are, Eugene Kaspersky (the founder and owner of Kaspersky), has a great relationship with the current Russian government.  “wired.com” wrote a very thorough article about Kaspersky back in July of 2012 which you can find here http://www.wired.com/2012/07/ff_kaspersky/all/

Due to the rise of cyber terrorism and the recent illegal/questionable actions of the Russian government, we have decided that it was in the best interest of security to no longer use kaspersky products.  If the Russian government either covertly or openly took over this largest anti-virus software company in the world, it wouldn’t take them long to utilize Kaspersky’s built in auto-updater to update itself with a malicious code that could do damage to your computer or use it for illegal or unethical use.

I understand that just about any anti-virus company could be in a similar predicament but if it was a US owned and operated company, at least we wouldn’t be assisting a potential enemy.

What are your thoughts?



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Daniel Multop

IT/IS Specialist & Owner of Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc.


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